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Message from the President

  NTT Urban Development was established in 1986 to be a comprehensive real estate company within the NTT Group. Since then, we have been expanding our business domains steadily to retail, residential, global, hotels and resorts businesses, while working on our core business, the development and leasing of commercial real estate.

  I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of our customers and partner companies for their continued support, which we have been fortunate to receive during the 35 years since our establishment.

  In recent years, we opened OTEMACHI PLACE in 2018 and the Urbannet Uchisaiwaicho Building in 2019. Both of these properties have created new business exchanges in central Tokyo. In 2020, we opened WITH HARAJUKU under the theme, "The Hangout Where the Future Is Made." In Kyoto, we opened ShinPuhKan, which was built by preserving and renovating historical architecture and The Hotel Seiryu Kyoto Kiyomizu, which was developed by converting a locally loved elementary school building with a long history. Through these development projects, we preserve and inherit the history and culture, working to further enhance the value of the area.

  We are proactively expanding our global business by working on mixed development projects and residential land development business in addition to acquiring commercial real estate. In the domestic office building business, we work on the development of workplaces in cities throughout the country as well as those in the Tokyo metropolitan area, through industry-government collaborations and state-of-the-art ICT. With these and other initiatives, we continue to work on development projects and service delivery to address national and regional issues and cater to the needs of the times. While making these efforts, we will also contribute to achieving the SDGs.

  While the roles of real estate companies change along with society and people's values, in July 2019 we became a member of the NTT Urban Solutions Group established under the slogan, "The unique future planning for each city." We will thrive to support urban development by addressing the diverse challenges faced by each community and by making full use of our experience and expertise in the real estate business and the resources of the NTT Group, including ICT, real estate, energy, and environmental technologies.

  At a time when society is undergoing major changes in the face of global population growth, aging population in developed countries, serious food and environmental problems, natural disasters on a growing scale, as well as new problems caused by the unprecedented pandemic I would like to cherish the ties with local communities that the NTT Group has fostered over many years, create rich communities and cultures with the corporate philosophy of "with integrity and innovation" in mind, and support the creation of cities that are full of individuality and vitality.

Hiroshi Tsujigami
President and Chief Executive Officer
NTT Urban Development Corporation

Hiroshi Nakagawa President and CEO