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Thank for you using the official website of NTT Urban Development at ("NTTUD website").This website is managed and operated by NTT Urban Development.

User that access the NTTUD website are responsible for using the website.Despite exercising the greatest care in providing the information on this website, NTTUD accepts no responsibility for losses arising from errors, third party falsifications of data or data downloads, regardless of the cause.NTTUD accepts no responsibility for any losses be they direct or indirect of clients or third parties, incurred due to the use of or, inability to use the NTTUD website.

NTT Urban Development will not be held responsible for any damages incurred due to the use of information obtained from the NTTUD website, another website linked from the NTTUD website, or another website that links to the NTTUD website.

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This NTTUD website can be accessed from any country in the world, but both the user that accesses the website and NTTUD agree that the use of the website is governed by the laws of Japan and the regulations of Tokyo, regardless of any differences in legal principles.
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