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Copyright Information

Attribution of Copyrights and Information

Reproduction of information and copyright content provided on this website is prohibited, except when conducted from a terminal accessing the information for not-for-profit or personal use.Even in cases as previously mentioned, users must not alter content or delete any notices relating to copyright, etc.
Where copyright or other rights to certain items of information or content on this website are held by individual owners and copyright holders and carry notices relating to permission for or prohibition of reproduction, users must comply with such notices.

Assurances Regarding Information

Information provided on this website is subject to change without notice.Unless specified, no guarantees are given regarding the content of information provided on this website.If you wish to use information or other content from the website, please contact inquiries contact point noted above.Please note: information may not be used in any way that might mislead readers even if formal permission is given.

Permissions and prohibitions relating to use of individual items of content

Among the images, photographs, information and other content provided on this website, rights holders have only granted NTT Urban Development permission to use the items solely on this site.Other than in exceptional cases where rights holders have waived the requirement for permission and allowed use of such items, reproduction, translation, etc. of such items are prohibited.

Responsibilities relating to information from other sites

No guarantee is made concerning information on sites linked to this website or information from other sites that appears on this website.Accordingly, NTT Urban Development accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss incurred through use of these linked sites.