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Mission Statement

UD Statement

Integrity and Innovation

We will contribute to sustainable urban development through our real estate services. What we value most is seeing the satisfaction of our customers and members of the wider public, and bringing smiles to their faces.

For this, we will pay close attention to the changing needs of our customers and society, and thoroughly understand our customers' perspectives. We make it a promise to continue our challenge of generating innovative services, where all of our management and employees will act with integrity and without fearing failure.

This challenge is fueled by a corporate culture conducive to all of our management and employees freely and proactively voicing opinions, where all of us may respect and value one another, and go about our jobs with a smile.

UD StyleAction Guidelines

  • Always pursue our corporate identity with the creation of new value in mind.
  • Always respect diversity, and generate diverse values.
  • Continue to challenge without ever giving up until we succeed.
  • Strive for success by making good use of our failures and shortcomings.
  • Always be mindful of cost, and work to maximize our profits.
  • Always be forward-looking without being influenced by precedents.
  • Always be good citizens showing appreciation, humility and respect.
  • Treasure personal connections both as individuals and as a company.
  • Think with our own heads and speak in our own words.
  • Be mindful of what goes on in the field.
  • Consider the customer first and foremost, ahead of our superiors.
  • Think with a global perspective.
  • Think and act with emphasis on speed.
  • Take the initiative and be mindful of our own responsibilities.
  • Value holistic optimization over partial optimization.
  • Appoint the right people to the right positions, maintaining fairness and impartiality.
  • Create an environment where thoughts, proposals and grievances can be shared freely.